DCC Contest Opens Again

This year, the Design * Construct * Compete contest is changing once again ... and offers a completely new challenge to contestants: build an amazing "mouse trap car." The car can be of any design, but must be completely powered by a standard snap-type mouse trap. Click here for a summary of the contest, here for a detailed listing of the rules, and here for an entry form. Nice prizes too!

Sisters Science Fair 2015


Sisters Science Club's annual Science Fair will open on February 21st, and this year it looks like it will be better than ever. Click the Science Fair Button above to see pictures from last year's fair. Plan to attend on February 21 ... even it's snowing like global warming is a complete hoax. Full of science and fun for the whole family!

What kind of diversity does the Sisters Science Club support? Well, one of the most diverse exhibitions at the Science Fair features the top entrants in the SciArt Contest ... which is still open! This contest rewards students' ability to find and capture science in the art of photography. There are prizes, but the real rewards are found in the doing, and many students discover both new perspectives and new talents. Entries are juried by a panel which includes scientists, engineers and artists, and it's fun for all. Click here to learn how to enter and see examples of last year's top entries.



Science is everywhere, as is the beauty we can find in it. And it is interesting to people of all kinds, ages, and occupations. In these images you'll see an interesting collection of humans organized to visit Antarctica ... and some are there for the birds, some for the geology, some for the ice, some for the camadarie, and some, just for the adventure. The wonder of the natural world remains with everyone who went on this trip, and this seems to be true for most adventurers. More pictures are available soon.

We are still collecting science-related videos for use in our K-12 Math & Science Advocacy Initiative, and if you come across something that you think might be useful, please use the button below to submit your suggestion. Here's a recent suggestion ... well worth your time because everyone needs a smile!

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