The Sisters Science Club

We are a community based organization that strives to enhance science, math, and health in the schools and community through seven main areas.

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Our second Frontiers in Science Monthly Symposium in Sisters is "New Directions for an Ancient Site" ... with Dr. Patrick O'Grady, PhD in which he describes what are perhaps the oldest tools in America.

O’Grady is a staff archaeologist at the University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History. He was an archaeologist for the Oregon Department of Transportation from 2002–2005, and has also worked for the Burns District Bureau of Land Management. He has served on fourteen University of Oregon field schools since 1994, first as a student, then as assistant, supervisor, and instructor. His field school operations are currently focused on Clovis sites in southeastern Oregon, including Sheep Mountain and Sage Hen Gap.


Belfry doors open at 6 and Lecture at 7PM

General Admission: $5.00 Science Club Donors, Teachers and Students are free.

Founded January 2011, the club is comprised of approximately 350 members - but there is no clubhouse, administration, or required annual dues. Rather, the club works by the community bringing volunteers and financial support to enhance the good ideas of the school's science teachers.

The club enjoys close support from Kiwanis, Rotary, The Roundhouse Foundation, The Sisters Garden Club, Energyneering Solutions, Saint Charles Medical Center, Cascades East Area Health Education Center (CEAHEC) and has been awarded grant support from the Oregon Community Foundation and the Meyer Memorial Trust.

Most importantly, numerous individuals see value in these programs and provide financial support through the Sisters School Foundation, a 501c3 organization. If you would like to join this effort, click here to reach our president!

This video will prepare you for our November Frontiers In Science lecture ... one that is all about biomimicry. We can hardly wait!

7. Flight Science
6. Hutchinson Cancer Research
5. Belfry Community Talks
4. The Science Fair
3. Seed to Table Program
2. Sisters School District and Health Education
1. Sisters Schools

Can we reverse climate change?

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has announced the discovery of a method to convert CO2 directly into ethanol using a unique nano-spike catalyst system that can be operated at room temperature and very low power inputs. Click here to learn more.