Each Spring the Science Fair attracts over 800 people … a community event where families and kids of all ages participate in exhibits that include exploding gases, 3-D printing, solar energy design and applications, photosynthesis and much more. This is an event not to be missed. One year, even during a remarkable blizzard, crowds packed the place!

The community wide event is run by over 80 volunteers with exhibits from 8 science based community business. These volunteers include retired NASA engineers, active business leaders, professionals of all kinds, and "ordinary" community members with a passion for science and education.

One reason the the fair is so popular is that most of the exhibits are hands-on for the viewers, and each is hosted by knowledgeable presenters ... including some of our best and brightest students ... all equipped with "ASK ME! What? How? Why?" buttons. We have a ping-pong ball vacuum cannon, Van de Graff generators, reaction measurement games, self-powered hoists, a planetarium, DNA extraction stations ... and the list goes on and on.

The event is capped off by a design-construct-compete event where physicists of all ages can compete in what has become one of the most popular events at the fair. Students have built elaborate trebuchets, cannons, and this year, mousetrap-powered cars ... all to conquer several kinds of physics problems ... and to provide fun for all!

Although science fairs seem to have gone out of fashion, ours is alive and well ... and has become something of a model for other parts of our country, and have fielded a fair number of requests for assistance in renewing this kind of community science-based event. The "magic sauce" is simply encouragement of science education in local schools ... and the results are truly remarkable. In these pictures, you can see the results on the faces of participants.

This year's Design-Construct-Compete Contest rules are available here! To get a copy of the entry form for this challenge, click here!

This year, the Sisters Science Fair will be on March 17th ... and we hope to see you there!

The video below shows some of the activities the large crowd witnessed and participated in ... and by all accounts, a good time was had by all. After all, science is fun! (After selecting the video, press the f key on your keyboard if you want to go to full screen ... and Esc to return)

Sisters Science Fair ... and the Science Club