The Seed-to-Table Program is led by Audrey Tehan and offers hands on planting, harvesting and food preparation in all three schools. Culinary Science is taught by TR McCrystal in the high school, and in this class preparation is treated as both a science and an art.

These two programs work to supply fresh ingredients to the district's school lunch program. Additionally, grant support has funded training for summer interns, and enables provisioning community needs for fresh produce through the Kiwanis Food bank.

Ms. Tehan notes that a few handful of seeds (and some water for those of us in central Oregon) can transform a once bleak and barren landscape into a festive array of life giving foods.

A few handful of seeds can draw us outdoors to nurture, to explore and to create a place of our own. This spring, 379 small handfuls of seeds have transformed a sage brush desert-scape into a thriving ecosystem.

The term ecosystem is used because the 379 students and 50 adults involved have also become part of this beautiful garden system. This ecosystem is unique ... a place where the birds, bees and plants are intertwined with human laughter, eagerness to learn, curiosity and prosperity of health.

Thanks to  farm manager, Lauren Griswold, this ecosystem has also started to produce over 30 pounds per week of bountiful food for the school lunches, Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank and Sisters Bread of Life Food Bank. A few handfuls of seeds have paved an exciting new path to healthy living  in Sisters. 

When winter comes the program will move into a new greenhouse the Club and School District are building at the high school. This will allow enhancing classwork in biology, agriculture and food science the year round.

Work, exploration, and bounty.

Seed to Table Program ... and the Science Club