The Sisters Schools K12  have strong teachers and curricula in science, math and health. The club supports each school with a $5,000 science budget for discretionary spending.

Science Club volunteers have helped in the elementary school with a Discovery Lab, recycling, seed-to-table programs, and Einstein Day. In the top picture, an elementary school student is extracting DNA from strawberries.

The middle school has a thriving robotics club, a 6th grade Outdoor School and the 8th grade ECoS (Earth Community Self) for exploring nature with science and art. And this year, flying drone kits were furnished to the middle school pre-engineering class, and enthusiastically built and flown by students there.

Club volunteers support the high school in science classes, bringing hands on experience for groups of students in biology, ecology, physics, and applied engineering. In the bottom picture, high school students are sharing their understanding of some basic chemistry ... and you can see that this is fun for them. Learning and fun are not mutually exclusive in the environment we've helped to create ... and if you have a skill, and would like to join us, please do.

In all cases, Science Club members provide appropriate assistance to the school's certified staff, and frequently brings amazing levels of professional scientific and engineering experience to the classroom ... experience that can teach, motivate and inspire.

Warm weather is upon us in the beautiful and bounteous Northwest – time to get outside with family and friends  – and Sisters students are ready. Our district leads others in providing place-based outdoor education. This includes, but is not limited to teaching skills in camping and river rafting in the Deschutes River watershed.

In the elementary school the students go for hikes along the Metolius River identifying trees, aquatic invertebrates and the fish life cycle.

In the middle school there is 6th grade outdoor school in the woods for three nights, and an integrative ecology education program (IEE) in the 8th grade that went to the tide pools along the coast this spring.

In high school biology class they study eco systems in the Trout Creek Conservation area in the fall and perform studies of bird habitats in the spring. The high school IEE program camps at the headwaters of the Deschutes in the fall studying ecology and geology along with nature journaling. In the spring they chase the rapids down the lower Deschutes.

In all three schools students learn agricultural science in the District’s seed to table program at Mahonia Farms  – everything from composting, planting, harvesting to cooking and eating their produce in the school cafeterias. Students come alive in special ways when they go to school in the outdoors.

Wonder, curiosity and hands on trial-and-error exploration flourish – the basis of all education.

Sisters School District ... and the Science Club