Each spring the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle hosts 12-14 of Rima Givot’s biology students for three days of intensive research training ... and the club funds this terrific educational opportunity.

This working excursion to one of our nation's top research facilities is a career changing experience for many. Under the direct supervision of professional laboratory staff, students learn how to perform a variety of scientific research tasks ... tasks ordinarily far removed from a high school curriculum. Imagine the challenge of learning how to accomplish gel electrophoresis, DNA isolation, or analysis of leukemic blood smears. Imagine, examining blood smears in a research setting as a high school sophomore! Remarkable!

One of the primary researchers at the center, Dr. Beverly Torok-Storb, facilitated this activity and serves as both guide and inspiration to Sisters High School students ... and wins an enormous gold star!

Additionally, after working at the science center, students have an opportunity to explore life in a big city with excursions to museums, the Needle and the fish market – a first for most of our small town kids. Who knew businesses stayed open after 8pm?


One of the things that makes programs like this possible is the support of the community, including both retired and active professionals. In this picture you can see not only a group of fortunate students, but also a retired NSF professional, our high school's principal ... and perhaps most interestingly, our bus driver ... who gets to participate in just everything!

This kind of experience is something that changes lives, and we are proud to be participants in the future of young people like these.

Hutchinson Cancer Research ... and the Science Club