The Belfry Community Talks  are given seven months each year in a local venue where multimedia presentations are coupled with both a wine/beer bar and an excellent food service. The talks feature speakers of note who focus on a general topic we've titled "Frontiers in Science." The programming is organized and led by Kathy Campbell and sometimes co-sponsored by COCC.

It was an excellent year on the Frontiers of Science! During the 2018-19 season, we presented the following talks:

September: Brad Chalfant
"The Rebirth of Whychus Creek–and its Future"

October: Dr. Barbara Handelin
"Genetics: The good, the ugly, and the curious"

November: Dr. Steve Grossnickle
"Global Climate Change: A Tree's Perspective"

January: Dr. Kirsten Grorud-Colvert
"Oregon's Ocean: Local Legacy and Global Goals"

March: Dr. Larry Price
"The Big Picture: Photographing the Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy"

April: Dr. Daniel Lowd 
"Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence: Science takes on fake news" (Video Online)

May: Dr. Bob Collins
"The Brain Makes the Mind" (Video Online)

With your help, the Sisters Science Club is creating a community where science is valued, visible, and celebrated. We thank you for your enthusiastic participation in this endeavor!

To launch the 10th year of the Sisters Science Club, plan to join us for a special 90-minute evening on "The Future of Everything" on September 24th at 6:30pm at The Belfry. The event will feature extraordinary scientists representing for general areas of science: genetics/medicine, physics/astronomy, land-based environment/ecology, and marine biology/science.

Save the date! 24 September ... for the start of another exciting season of thoughtful presentations. See you there!


One of our founders, here, Bob Collins, generally introduces the speaker for the evening ... and as you can see, this is an event where the dress is casual, though the ideas discussed are not.

Sometimes the topics touch close to home for members of the audience ... like the presentation about various kinds of cancer, and the treatment for this disease.

Other times, talks can seem far removed from the everyday lives of community members ... even though the consequences of not being informed can be catastrophic. The purpose of these talks is to provide actual data and insight on a variety of important issues ... and do so in an environment where questions can be asked of people actually competent in the areas being questioned.

During the final Belfry presentation this year, Dr. Collins presented a talk outlining what we know about the state of our conscious lives ... and one of the most interesting things was how much new technology is enabling our growing knowledge of what makes us who we are. Among the videos shown was one that some found especially fascinating, and although the complete video wasn't shown during the presentation, you can view it here.


We hope you will join us again this season as we pursue new scientific adventuresas, and once again take advantage of the pre-lecture community hour where Angeline's will once again provide light dinner fare and tasty treats.

Belfry Community Talks ... and the Science Club